Innovative Distribution

Increasing efficiency of your distribution and supply chain using technology.
We live, eat and breathe logistics. No supply chain challenge is too big for us to work on.

All in one partner

Our all in one system for import, storage, distribution and logistics is your supply chain solution.

We blend logistics and distribution with a focus on eCommerce to help your brand and company tap into new channels that are very often underserved or serviced very inefficiently. Our resources insure your products are where they need to be – at the right time in the right quantities.

Constant innovation in technology and logistics

End to end service in Amazon FBA model

Our distribution model focuses heavily on ecommerce as effective and efficient utilization of this industry can have a huge impact on your sales.

Import dock to dock across North America

We have the capacity to import your products from anywhere in Canada or USA to our facility in Canada – whether it’s one case or a full truckload – in as little as 2 business days.


Our team prepares your products for Amazon FBA by inspecting, labelling and packaging.


We use Just-in-Time fulfillment to avoid sending too much inventory or too little inventory. A 5000 square feet smart warehouse is utilized to store products until it’s time for shipment.

Vertically integrated

We are an approved Amazon carrier; therefore, we can book appointments for 20+ fulfillment centers and deliver your products in our own trucks often the same week of receiving. This increases your turnover and order frequency.

Live monitoring

Once your products are live and selling, we insure listings are optimized for conversions and customer satisfaction.

Long term partnership

We believe in long term relationships and most of our vendors use our systems and resources for multiple solutions and strategic collaborations.

Your solution for..

eCommerce Growth

With more than 20 years of combined experience in logistics and eCommerce across our team, we can handle any challenge or problem we face in working towards your eCommerce channel growth. Our strong network and resources become your asset when we work together.

We are passionate about solutions

We love supply chain

eCommerce, logistics, and supply chain go hand in hand, and we love all of it.

With so many moving parts, supply chain is not built seamless. That’s where we come in. When there are obstacles, we work through them and come up with solutions.