New Generation Distribution

Begin your journey as a Lanstar Customer

Being a Lanstar customer, you grow from our existing Canadian infrastructure. Our technology fitted warehouse and highly trained team become your partner to help your business increase sales. For years, Lanstar has offered our vendors premium solutions to grow brands and companies.

Leverage eCommerce Growth

The Digital Future

With Lanstar’s unique systems and infrastructure, your company can gain a competitive advantage in eCommerce distribution. We work with 50+ satisfied brands and companies to help increase sales in the Canadian market.


Whether it’s your product, your vendor relations, or something else; we let you do what you do best while we do the rest.
IT/Systems integration
In-house and external applications help us monitor your products and brands online to insure customer satisfaction, demand forecasts, KPI performance, just-in-time fulfillment, and more.
Supply chain network
We believe in solutions. Working with us can be as simple as taking purchase orders and handing off the shipment to a truck that shows up to your door.
There is only one earth. We reduce, reuse, and recycle. 99% of products are shipped out in the same packaging they arrive at our facility.

Recreating eCommerce Infrastructure


Whether you have your own brand or distribute a portfolio of products for others, we want to help you tap into new channels of growth in the digital era:


We work with over 30 vendors and brands – importing them and stocking in our smart warehouse for your availability. Grow your company with our network: