We are building a company for the future and taking our customers along. You built your company. We want to grow it further together.
Growing sales and tapping into new channels efficiently for your organization.


Starting in 2019, we helped multiple brands and vendors maneuver their business through the covid-19 pandemic by going and growing digital. We took note of what the future looks like, and are working every day to help more businesses get there. We are one of the first to infuse eCommerce, distribution, warehousing and logistics with high technology, recreating what eCommerce selling is really about.
500+ Brands
1,000,000+ Orders Sent
50+ Vendors
100+ Data Points

Our Vision

Becoming to go-to company for brands to sell online in the fastest growing marketplaces. eCommerce is here to stay and grow, and we want to make sure your company is riding the tide. If you have a brand or company with a portfolio of brands and want to grow your sales, you think Lanstar.

Our Solution

We build and integrate technology into our processes which become your asset and solution. We build and rebuild until traditional and orthodox processes become smooth sailing like searching up your favourite restaurant online. You process the orders from us, and we do the rest.